Uttarkashi Mineral Corporation at Aungi, Gangotri Valley, Uttarkashi, is the only company duly licensed, approved and authorized by Uttarakhand Government, to pack the holy Gangajal in its purest form. From drawing of Gangajal from the sacred river Ganges till packing, Gangajal is kept untouched from human hands. Gangajal is not treated chemically in the entire packing process, so that its sanctity is not spoilt.

So Ours is an automatic plant through which the holy water is drawn direct from the pious Ganga river with the help of mechanical devices. The established is functioning at Aungi, in Gangotri Ghati in Mother Nature’s lap, and is away from all kinds of pollution.


We have four variants of GANGAJAL
Sr.No. Variant Packing in Cartons Carton Weight Carton Dimension in inches
1. 220 ML Pouch 36 pouches in a carton 8.4 kgs 10¼  X  10½  X  5¾    
2. 50 ML  Pouch 252 pouches in a carton 13 kgs 10½  X  14¼  X  9
3. 250 ML Bottle 36 bottles in a carton 8.1 kgs 12  X  16¼  X  7¼
4. 1 Ltr  Bottle 12 bottles in a carton 10.8 kgs 12  X  16¼  X  7¼

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