Lord Shiva is one of the most famous Gods in Hinduism along with Lord Vishnu. He is revered by millions of Hindu devotees everywhere who visit his Jyotirlinga temples in order to seek his blessings. The worship of Lord Shiva has several great benefits for the life of devotees.

Great Facts About Lord Shiva

1. Shiva is the third god in the Hindu triumvirate. He is accountable for the destruction of the world. He is often depicted as having a temper, but is mostly seen in a meditative state. The other two gods are Brahma and Vishnu. Brahma is responsible for the creation of the world and Vishnu is responsible for running the world.

2. He wears elephant and tiger skins, and carries live cobras that dangle from his neck and has dreadlocks. He is also known as the lord of the animals- Pashupati

Shiva has a third eye on his forehead, which represents his wisdom and intuition. He carries a trident, which represents the three function of the triumvirate.

3. Shiva is called the Lord of Dance, or the Nataraja. His most important dance is the Tandev, the cosmic dance of death, which he performs at the end of every age to destroy the universe. He also performs the Lasya, which is the dance of creation.

4. Legend says that Shiva lives a simple life in the Kailas Mountains of the Himalayas with his wife, Parvati. He is usually spotted in a yogic position. Whenever Parvati is present, she is always at the left hand side of Shiva.

5. Shiva is also represented by Shiva Lingam, a phallic statue that symbolizes masculinity and creation.

6. In some Hindu legend, Shiva is known for his reckless life style. He rides a bull, and he often smokes weeds. He also loves meditating, and is called the Lord of Yoga.

7. Shiva and Parvati are husband and wife. They have two sons- Ganesh and Murugan.




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