According to the Ayurveda, water stored in a copper vessel has the ability to balance all the three doshas in our body. The water stored in a copper vessel is known as ‘tamara jal’ and is supposed to be consumed after storing the water in a copper vessel for at least eight hours.

When water is stored in a copper vessel, small amount of copper leeches into the water and offers all its positive properties.  This water is an excellent remedy to numerous diseases.

Incredible healing benefits of copper

  • Copper has anti-microbial properties and can inhibit growth of harmful bacteria.
  • Copper slows aging, fights free radicals, one of the main reasons for the formation of fine lines and helps production of new and healthy skin cells replacing the old and dead.
  • Primary element in production of melanin (pigmentation of eyes, hair and skin) in our bodies.
  • Relieves from the common problems of acidity, gas or indigestion.
  • Copper possess anti-convulsions properties and prevent brain from seizures.
  • Anti-inflammatory properties relieve aches and pains caused by inflamed joints.
  • Antioxidant and anti-carcinogenic properties.
  • Prevent from premature aging and degenerative diseases, heart diseases, autoimmune diseases, arthritis, cataracts, Alzheimer’s disease, diabetes.
  • Copper helps iron and sugar absorption
  • Helps regulate blood pressure, heart rate and lowers one’s cholesterol and triglyceride levels.
  • Regulates thyroid gland function.
  • Medically drinking water from a copper vessel helps in fertility and conception.

Note: Drinking water twice a day from a copper vessel is good enough to reap its benefits.

We are the Uttarkashi Minerals Corporation, is the only company duly licensed, approved and authorized by Uttarakhand Government, to pack the holy Gangajal in its purest form. From drawing of Gangajal from the sacred river Ganges till packing, Gangajal is kept untouched from human hands. Gangajal is not treated chemically in the entire packing process, so that its sanctity is not spoilt.

 Our motto is to retain our civilization and culture alive, that’s why we are dedicated to provide Gangajal –The holy water to your door step, all over the world…


skype @ Gangajal –The Holy Water


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