From religious perspective, Gangajal destroys the sins and gives salvation and wishes people’s desires. With so many qualities, Gangajal is also believed to be amrit. Scientific facts also proves that Ganga water is sacred and miraculous.

The scientific searches have proved that river Ganga after starting from Gomukh until it reaches the planes; it crosses many types of vegetation. That is why it has medicinal qualities in it. Scientists have also found that river Ganga has many living organisms that do not allow its water to get polluted. On the contrary, they destroy the agents that pollute water. 

We are the Uttarkashi Minerals Corporation, is the only company duly licensed, approved and authorized by Uttarakhand Government, to pack the holy Gangajal in its purest form. From drawing of Gangajal from the sacred river Ganges till packing, Gangajal is kept untouched from human hands. Gangajal is not treated chemically in the entire packing process, so that its sanctity is not spoilt.

 Our motto is to retain our civilization and culture alive, that’s why we are dedicated to provide Gangajal –The holy water to your door step, all over the world…

 Our Variants+919811304305 

skype @ Gangajal –The Holy Water



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