Lord Krishna is a special deity known to Hindus all across the world, and also to those from other faiths. Hailed as Svayam Bhagvan or the Supreme God, the legends and myths related to him have been fascinating mankind for thousands of years. Lord Krishna is one of the most popular Avatars of Lord Vishnu. He is revered by millions of Hindus everywhere who are keen to seek his divine blessings.Throughout his earthly life and since his childhood, Krishna was involved in several great miracles which helped restore dharma on earth.

Greatest Krishna Temples

1. Thakurji Banke Bihari Temple,Vrindavan – Bankey Bihari is a manifestation of Lord Krishna in the famous Tribhanga pose. Bankey literally means “bent in three” and Bihari means “supreme enjoyer”. The Bankey Bihari temple is at Vrindavan in the Mathura district of Uttar Pradesh.This temple is one of the most well renowned Lord Krishna temples in India and it attracts thousands of vistors each year. All major Hindu festivals including Janmasthami and Jhulan Yatra are celebrated in a grand manner at Banke Bihari Mandir.

2. Shyam Baba Temple, Khatu – Khatu Shyam Ji temple has Shyam Baba as its principle deity, who is a form of Lord Krishna, who manifested during the Kaliyuga. The Shyam Baba temple at Khatu in Rajasthan is a special shrine dedicated to this form of Lord Krishna.

3. Srinathji Temple, Nathdwara – Srinath ji temple is the only temple of Lord Krishna, where the deity is worshipped and treated as a child. Full name of Srinath ji is Sri Govardhan Nathji and he represents Bal Krishna. It commemorates the event of Lord Krishna lifting the Govaradhan hill, and is mentioned in several holy scriptures.

4. Radha Raman Mandir, Vrindavan – ‘Radha Raman’ means ‘the lover of his Radha’. Radha Raman temple houses the idol of Lord Krishna as Radha Raman and a crown next to him which represents the presence of Shri Radha Rani at the temple. This temple is one of the moust revered temples of Lord Krishna and it has the original Shaligram of Lord Krishna placed alongside Radharani.
5. Vitthala Rukmini Temple, Pandharpur – Pandharpur is one of the holiest pilgrimage locations of Hinduism; also known as the Southern Kashi. Pandahrpur has the famous Vitthal Rukmini temple, which houses the famous deity Lord Vitthal, and his consort Rukmini. Lord Vitthal is a divine manifestation of Lord Vishnu or Krishna. Also known as Vithoba, he has several fascinating legends dedicated to him. Millions of devotees come to Pandharpur each year in order to have his darshan and seek his powerful blessings.

6. Giriraj Temple, Govardhan – Among a number of religious dhams associated with Lord Shri Krishna in Mathura Vrindavan, Giriraj Dham is one of the main Dham of Mathura. It is belived that in the Dwapar Yuga, Lord Krishna held the Govardhan or Giriraj hills on his finger tip for 7 days and 7 nights in a stretch to save the people from the being drown in rainwater.

7. Sri Krishna Mutt, Udipi, Karnataka – The Krishna Matha was founded by the Vaishnavite saint Shri Madhwacharya in the 13th century.It is believed that Madhwacharya found the idol of SriKrishna in a large ball of gopichandana. The unique feature of Shree Krishna Mutt temple is that the Lord is worshipped only through a window with nine holes called the Navagraha Kitiki.
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